Monday, December 03, 2007

Solane Santi Ripasso 2002 wine review by Billy

Nose: tobacco, cherry, and something akin to a Pinot Noir strawberry pungency that hints at an earthiness not found in many new world style wines.
Palate: "thinner" or less jammy old world style feel that is balanced with tannins and acids that allow an even mouth feel without overstating anything.
Finish: chocolate candied cherries finish out pleasingly.

The Ripasso is an Italian wine made in a different style. By adding dried grapes or allowing others to go through a second fermentation, the wine is "aged" quickly and given a body and character that is typically found only in older vintages/growths.

This wine was given to us as a gift and it accompanied a nice meal with the fetching Mrs. Billy.

Pick this wine up for a mature feel/taste without paying a mature price. For another Ripasso review by NW see this.
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Wine Limo said...

Interesting style, first it sounds like it would be a wine made at lower brixs 23-24 old world as you mention but the adding dried grapes is very different I wonder the sugar content of these grapes prior to drying that might explain the result. I am wondering about the aging effect you mention how is that achieve and why is it achieved. Good article!