Monday, September 04, 2006

Matua Paretai Sauvignon Blanc 2004 Wine Review (NW)

Light golden color with a touch of green
Huge nose of grapefruit, lychee, and straw
Crips core of straw and cut grass
Smooth, layered finish

This is the best New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc I've ever had! If you can find it, run out and buy it. At $18, it's one of the best white wines for the money. But I warn you, you must be in the mood for the characteristics of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc because you can practically taste a green meadow in this bottle.

The texture is outstanding, and there's a richness and smoothness that runs throughout. Nothing is sacrifices, because the wine also has a backbone of good acidity. It all comes together!

Raise a glass!

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