Sunday, September 10, 2006

Feudo Arancio 2003 Nero D’Avola wine review by (PB)

Coming off that sorry cold I mentioned in a previous entry, my palate is not to 100% yet. Even so, this value wine was quite remarkable. This Sicilian is a nice deep red with super ripe fruit of plummy jam and blackberries with a touch of currants in the bouquet.

In the mouth this wine is full of flavor with all the same fruit mentioned above also evident in the mouth. I would say it is about peak right now! This was a $6 wine and that’s hard to beat. My grilled pizza was a bomb but the wine salvaged it. (Hint about grilled pizza–USE ENOUGH CHARCOAL TO CRISP THE DOUGH QUICKLY) (NW) noted in his review of this wine back in February that this wine was a better food wine than a solo wine. He is right. At any rate, when I am down in Boston again, I will hunt for another load of this bargain wine. Raise a glass!

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g58 said...

Nero d'Avola impresses me always: this has got to be the grape of the 21st century if Sicily can muster their attack right. I've seen what it can do in big cellar-worthy expressions and what a simple bottle like a Corvo can do. Pizza or filet mignon, both yum.

Glad you're tasting better!