Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bliss Family Vineyards Zinfandel (Mendocino) 2010 wine review by (PB)

Lighter garnet hue with aromas of homemade tomato jam, and lightly spiced berry.

Palate--Soft foundation with dark berry flavors that are a bit short, but tasty, and somewhat unique for the Zins I have had which are numerous and varied. Soft lingering spiced berry finish dried raspberry nuances long after.

This is unlike any Zin I have had and I really like it. It is not assaulting to the palate although I love Zins that are. This ialso a new producer to me and I have a Cabernet Sauvignon from them which I am looking forward to trying since having this wine. I am pairing it with venison stew and at the

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