Friday, September 06, 2013

Pascual Toso 2004 Malbec wine review by (PB)

Absolutely solid, opaque deep magenta hue with aromas, rich sweet fruit deep dark red berry bouquet with an under-layer of gentle "Toll House" semi-sweet chocolate with cherry bleeding through.

In the mouth is the sensual texture of a thickish foundation--that's right I said "thickish," (get your own blog and you can use your own weird adjectives)with a pronounced mid-to rear palate flavor of cedar laced with red berries.

This wine was opened when a friend brought it over wondering about an 07 Malbec that originally sold for around $8. He thought his first bottle was pretty good and wanted to know what I thought. (Several bottles were given to him from a lady he had done some contracting work for.)

I had reviewed a bottle of this same wine (different vintage)back in 2008 I think and thought it was pretty "Meah."

This is one of those nice surprises. Aged very well and still holds a solid, peaked level of maturity especially for a wine that was produced as your basic table wine. So if you happen to find one of these buried in a bin somewhere in your local wine haunt, snag it and open it with confidence. It's a really nice surprise for the money and the age so raise a glass! Thanks T.St.G.!

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