Sunday, September 15, 2013

J. Drouhin Laforet Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2011 Sponsored wine review by (PB)

On the pour this Pinot looks like strawberry juice coming out of a spigot; a pretty cherry hue.

Bouquet--Gentle fruity cherry above the glass with a perfumy, spiced cherry in the bowl.

Palate--slightly tart, cherry with a mineral hint on the front with a somewhat austere foundation with bracing acidity.

This wine was sent to the WCB with the complements of the folks at Dreyfuss, Ashby and Co. Joseph Drouhin, the mega French wine negociant, sources this wine from various sites making this one of the very approachable and affordable Burgundies that a person of normal means can obtain. What is interesting is for the aspiring oenophile to compare a Pinot Noir like this to a new world Pinot noting the differences in style. My wife loved the bouquet and the finish; it really is a very drinkable wine and we found ourselves going back to refresh our pour and, oops, the bottle is gone.

This Bourgogne Pinot is priced at $21 and when you think of Burgundy, think, "Wow!" Raise a glass to the grape that holds millionaires in bondage to its seductive ways and now available to we, the common people!

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