Friday, June 28, 2013

Virtual Vineyards Malbec 1999 wine review by (PB)

Bricking hue showing its age with a bouquet that is wonderfully winsome full of mint and chocolate covered cherries with young cherry candy and cedar notes.

Palate--Totally relaxed structure, fully integrated cherry and spicy red berry goodness through out with stewed cherry fruit in the rear palate.. Finishes with mild cherry and spice fruit.

This is a one of kind wine I believe having originated from a world wide web wine sales start up in 1996. Functioning after the style of the French negociant M.O.
Virtual Vineyards from what I gather was an entrepreneurial endeavor that doesn't seem to be around anymore. I could be wrong...

A friend of ours who is leaving town brought this over tonight to share. This 14 year old Malbec has held up well and still has life in it.

It is always a treat when wine seems to defy the odds and outlives its life expectancy. No reference price is necessary as this is probably one of a kind having been given to our friend as business gift many years ago.

I love it when a wine surprises and this one was absolutely delightful! I paired it with carbonara and it was awesome!

Raise a glass Dick and Lori to a new life in a new state in a new culture! God speed!

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