Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Wine Spectator Has Some Explaining To Do! by (PB)

The Wine Spectator is far and away the leading authority on all things wine--granted. A few years ago Thomas Matthews, Senior Editor of the Wine Spectator commented on a blog post I made errantly ascribing an opinion to them in which I was mistaken. I printed an apology on this blog.

Unquestionably, as a many years long subscriber to both their magazine and on-line subscription to the tune of $100 a year for both, I was questioning when I saw a new App advertised which carried with it a monthly $2.99 subscription fee. The description of it seemed to be the same for which I was paying $50 annually with my old app so I e-mailed customer service to inquire about the new App since it seemed I could just let my on-line subscription expire and buy the new App and save a few dollars each year. I received NO response in spite of their automated e-mail saying I would hear within two working days. Weeks went by and one day I was no longer able to log into my WS iPhone app to access the on-line service I was paying for. This time I called the Wine Spectator looking for help with my older App but nothing was ever said about the new App and they simply forwarded me to three different customer service agents and finally to their (new) App designer--Zinio--yet another call to no avail.

Bottom line--NOW: In addition to the charge of $50 for their on-line service, you must also buy their new App at a charge of $2.99 a month (to access it from your smart phone) on top of the $50 annual charge. When I called the good folks at the WS to verify if this was correct, the young lady apologized and said , "Yes." I promptly ended my on-line subscription service and I am considering the same for my magazine subscription.

This is unfortunate as I am a BIG fan of the WS crew and their knowledge etc. But this smacks of gouging their customers and is being done in a less than forthright manner which I cannot endure. So perhaps Mr. Matthews will be good enough to respond to my post as I would love to get this straight for the sake of us all.

Mr. Matthews?

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