Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chateau De Manissy Rose (Cuvee Des Lys) Tavel 2011 wine reveiw by (PB)

Beautiful watermelon juice hue that shimmers.

Bouquet is very light due to the chill on the wine; Fresh raspberry/cranberry fruit up front with a slight eraser odor.

Palate--Juicy fresh summer fruit described above with a structured foundation and a minerally finish.

Roses used to be soda pop wines that the wine appreciating public wound not drink. About the only notable region of the world producing a rose of any mention was Tavel, (Rhone) France. Today however, roses are being produced in many parts of the world with some real care and thus the wines are growing in popularity--and price... Expect to pay in the mid-teens and above for a rose with some real wine character if not a sense of place. Raise a glass

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