Thursday, July 19, 2012

Astoria Sparkling Moscato Lounge wine review by Billy

Nose: citrus and stone smells
Palate: sweet orange flavors in the mouth and a mouth-coating honeydew sweetness.  The bubbles are soft and gentle but provide a nice counterpoint to the sweetness and prevent the wine from becoming cloying.
Finish: gentle orange blossom finish.
Overall: Lazy bubbles meander to the top of the glass. This Italian sparkling wine is a blend of Prosecco and Moscato grapes.  I paid about $10 for this at a local wine store.  It is a nice sweet wine that is great in the summer and with spicy meals. 

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Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed this blend of Prosecco and Moscato, I highly recommend it if you like a nice light desert wine.
Stacey in Texas