Friday, January 13, 2012

Irony Monterey County Pinot Noir 2010 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Fragrant strawberry and cherry on the nose

Soft and medium bodied on the palate

Rhubarb finish with a somewhat odd plastic note


I had big hopes for this new release after the delicious 2009. While it has good aromas on the nose, it also has a bit of an odd plastic note on the finish. It could be a "bad bottle" that I have but it doesn't have the musty taint of a corked wine.

With that said, you don't even need to gamble with the 2010 vintage if you grab all the 2009's you can find before they're gone. There's really no comparison as it's a much better wine and a great value a $13. Raise a glass of last year's release!


Winovore said...

Who the heck writes a review based on a single bottle? Particularly if questionable. I have been through a case and it is fantastic for the price point with depth of fruit and a creamy finish, not astringent.

PB said...

An off aroma or flavor in a wine isn't necessarily a sign of anything other than a poorly made wine or some other inherent flaw. For a couple years, the Excelsior Winery in S. Africa was producing a particularly "plasticy" off flavor in their cabs. I was beginning to wonder if this was "terroir" but they seemed to get a handle on whatever it was. So if the wine isn't showing any sign of being corked, it's fair game. And sure, if we were being supplied with our wine like the "big boys" we could always try another bottle. But we have to work for a living. Raise a glass!