Monday, January 02, 2012

A great find wine store if you're in Maine by (PB)

Maine north of Portland is a veritable wine black hole where higher tier wines can be found with any regularity. Well, eureka! Freeport Maine--the home of LL Bean has a "new" place called Bow Street Market. While it's off the beaten path (it's on Bow Street--go figure) and has one of the better selections I have found in Maine. But don't be fooled by the supermarket variety selection in the main shopping area. Go into the wine room and that's where the treasures wait!

No it's not expansive and you won't find your $1200 Grand Cru but you can snag a Mouton if you like but better--it has a great selection of the "hard to find" wines (in Maine) in the $25 on up price point.

And if Paula T. is around be sure to tell her you read about her place on the WCB and then raise a glass!

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