Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guigal Chateau Neuf-Du-Pape 1990 wine review by (PB)

Aged hue with brown rim with gorgeous fruit rising from the glass well away from my nose.
Closer in,there is a smokey front and some bacon still some distance from the nose with cherry fruit and caramel.

Palate--Thick, silky texture with a touch of licorice,staid fruit,smokey charcoal and black pepper with light raisin in the rear. Finishes with grilled meat and more charcoal.

This was the 3rd wine (NW) served up blind; it's a great way to grow in your precision of the way you analyze a wine. Too often we hurry through a wine without really tasting what is there. I first noted that I believed the wine was probably 20-25 years old. Beyond that, I don't remember my comments...

This is why we drink wine with some age. It is a different world and a different wine from what it was on release in its youthfulness. This wine probably cost around $20 when it was released 21 years ago; today you'd be hard pressed to find any. (NW) is always on the look out for exciting "rare" wines and knows a value when he sees one. Just another benefit of studying what you love. Raise a glass of mature fruit of the vine.

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