Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Cuvee De Pena (Vin De Pays Pyrenees Orientales) 2006 review by (PB)

Odd slightly oxidized color.

Aromas of stewed cherry and dark fruit not characteristic of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah of which this is a blend.

Palate--A tad tart, with biting acid and a little chewy; flavors of dark reddish brown fruit with a finish that is a bit bitter.

This wine is from the Rousillon region of France and was grabbed by a friend seeing it for $3.00 I believe. This is a great example of a wine that is beyond its peak and failing fast which is why it was on sale for such a price. But an axiom of wine is that if you don't enjoy the wine, no price is a bargain. Pass on this and when buying a wine dirt cheap, make sure the store has a policy of taking back such wines. I have only had one store that would not accommodate such a return--yes opened and partially drank! And if they do not, don't buy the wine and find another store!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you're talking about! I have had this wine in 2012 and it is a steal at $5 from Grocery Outlet in Ca. I have a 500 bottle cellar with everything from Bordeaux First Growths to $4.99 wines and this is a VERY respectable drinkable wine.

PB said...

My brevity appears to have caused a lack of clarity. My description of this wine shows that it was obviously over the hill. The point of the blog was that getting a wine at a bargain price is no bargain if the wine is unpleasant. Another bottle of the same wine may very well have been just fine and a good value. I apologize for the lack of clarity.