Monday, January 18, 2010

Conti De Bregonzo Amarone Della Valpolicella 2006 wine review by (PB)

This was the wine that not only made my #1 pick for 2009 but I said it may just be "the best wine I have ever had at any price." So I am doing a real time review of the same wine and we'll see how it measures up to the initial review of my #1 pick.

Here goes:
A hefty black cherry hue with some depth is accented by aromas of wonderfully fragrant black cherry with touches of green peppers or evergreen, and a touch of prunes with a nuanced "port wine" like presence.

Palate--bread up front on a somewhat sweet foundation with good structure and notes of raisin/prune hints. Nice mouth feel with a finish that rather coats your palate and just hangs around.

No question; I like this wine a bunch but I will now go back and check out my review of it the first time I tasted it in early December.

Conclusion--my notes are remarkably similar although I will admit I thought it had a better texture on my first review and the "fudgy fruit" I tasted back in December is not there this time. It is still a really nice wine at $17 and certainly still a great value and worth the 150 mile drive (one way) I made to grab some more.

Now is it the best wine I have ever had at any price? Probably not but one of my faves to be sure!

I am making venison steaks with grilled root vegetables and hopefully there will be some of the wine left to go with what should be a superior pairing so raise a glass!

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