Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nathanson Creek Merlot (N.V.) wine review by (PB)

I grabbed this because it was CHEAP and I was unfamiliar with the producer. This is a non-vintage California sourced Merlot that is cranberry colored with a light bouquet of green peppers and some light fruit.

Palate--thin, watery, some light fruit and about the best I can say, is that it is not-offensive.

I paid $6.79 for a 1.5 liter bottle--That's basically $3.40 a bottle and honestly for the price, this is the kind of wine that you might serve at a party with your friends who have no clue about what they're drinking anyway. As I said, it is not offensive, and goes down pretty easily.

So raise a glass: just don't think of it is a Merlot--but rather as a "wine beverage." :)


Anonymous said...

Thought your readers, and others, might be interested in ways to find OTHER great inexpensive wines.

Here's a link to an article about just that:

Lynn said...

I was googling Nathanson Creek wines and your blog article popped up. I was in New Orleans recently and picked up a bottle of the Nathanson Creek Sauvignon Blanc 1.5for less than $6. I, too, am interested in a good bargain and was pleasantly surprise with this choice. I am not sure if it is available locally for me, but will request it from my wine seller.

Anonymous said...

For the money, I find this wine a good choice. In fact, it is the wine that I have most evenings. It leaves the palate quickly resulting in a refreshing feel.

jack said...

I couldn't find it in any store in CA, any ideas which retailer carries it ?

Anonymous said...

I got it at Kroger