Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jaffurs Santa Barbara County Syrah 1997 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Fragrant red berries, spice, and light pepper notes on the nose

A rich, plush, texture on the palate and very relaxed

Smooth finish of wild red berries, tobacco, and spice

I was amazed how well this wine aged! I'm assuming it was well cared for by the restaurant where we ordered it. After all, they claim the largest wine cellar in New England at well over 100,000 bottles.

The other Syrah's I've had fover the past few years from Jaffurs were young, and they were all delicious. This was a unique opportunity to taste one of their wines nearly 12 years old. The bottle aging seemed to bring on some Rhone-style Syrah qualities, which made the wine interesting. I paid $47 for the pleasure, which was a real bargain in this case. Raise a glass!

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PB said...

Visiting Jaffurs winery two years ago was an eye opening experience. Craig Jaffurs was out of the country on wine business but the rest of the staff treated me like an old friend. Their set up was pretty much a converted warehouse amazingly small and crude for the quality of wine these guys produce. I tasted several of their wines and each one was impressive. I only regret that I rarely see any of their wine in my part of the country--Maine. (PB)