Monday, September 24, 2007

Sutter Home Chenin Blanc 2005 wine review by (PB)

This wine was $3.99 and while you may think you can't get a decent wine for this price, you are wrong. However, in this particular case, you are RIGHT. This wine, while it has an apricot bouquet is sickeningly sweet in a contrived sort of way with a sulfur taste and "fake" fruit. Sutter Home has made some pretty drinkable wines for next to nothing but this is NOT one of them. They ought to call this wine, Chenin PLONK. Don't raise a glass.


Anonymous said...

I love this wine. It taste very good and good price. I have tasted more expensive wine that taste awful. I buy this wine all the time and love it.

jist said...

I have offered this wine to novice wine drinkers as they are being introduced to wine as a whole.
Everyone loves it! It's mild and flavorful, and pleases the palette with any food served.
I have tasted other Chenin Blanc's that are not as smooth. Try it for yourself....this one's a keeper.
Problem is it's hard to find. Please let me know where I can buy it.

itsmesusan said...

Sutter Home Chenin Blanc is mild, tasty and very smooth. I have tried a few more expensive chenins and found them to be flat, tasteless and harsh. I have found this wine at Binny's Beverages and Jewel/Osco.

Anonymous said...

Sutter Home's Chenin Blanc is the only wine I like, having tested NUMEROUS others. I do not like an acid taste. I do not like an alcohol taste. I do not like a bitter taste. What I DO like is the "buttery, pear-like sweetness" of this wine; probably just the opposite of what real wine drinkers prefer. I am NOT a wine expert, or a drinker for that matter, which may explain my preference.

Anonymous said...

ps...the above comment was from me, Guytano Parks.