Friday, September 07, 2007

Smith Woodhouse 1992 Port Late Bottled Vintage wine review by billy

Nose: YUM! brandied plums, cedar, wet tobacco and cinnamon.
Palate: exceptionally smooth and silky like honeyed vanilla cream. Youngish strawberry essence still detectable.
Finish: lingering as expected with small crescendo of feel at the very back of the palate after it is gone.

The look of this fortified wine is amazing; nearly black in its core. It is not overwhelmingly fortified and not overly fruity but has more subtle characteristics. For a (relatively) inexpensive port this is simply wonderful. I received this as a gift for my birthday (back in January) and decided just this evening to open and decant the wine. I've not had a Port in some time and I simply enjoy these wines. As this was the only bottle of Port in my cellar it was elected by default. I'm glad I opened it. This is quite a treat.

The luxuriously deep dark look of the wine promises layers of flavor and character before it even reaches my nose. The smell is delightful. The brandied tang is present as I take a deep smell and savor the scents. But it is not walloping my nose with a "hard liquor burn". It caresses, teases, and subtly enhances the aroma of the wine within. The balance is expert and the experience is a delightfully flavorful smoothness that is enjoyable all the way down. As I finish a swallow there is a "palate memory" that re-experiences the warmth and berry and cinnamon flavors that were just moments before playing in my mouth.

A great value. A fine sipping and contemplative wine.

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Marcus said...

Good to read this -- I'm looking forward to the time I uncork my 2000 Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port.

The word is that they are seriously undervalued, serious port wines so enjoy them!

Billy said...

Definitely. These are made in the traditional Port style and are quite nice while being still quite affordable. I'd like to get another bottle or two for my cellar as this one is dang impressive.