Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Empty Nesters (NV) wine review by (PB)

This beautiful wine presents with a slightly ambered golden hue and a bouquet brimming with fresh apple fruit and a hint of sweet spice.

Palate--First impression is boy this is really sweet but then a supercharged acid foundation rears up and suddenly you say, boy this is a dry wine and then you swallow and you think, this is just ridiculously side kicking good with fruit in big supply with a a great balance of sweetness and acid. Finishes with a nice Granny Smith kind of appley ending.

OK, you cannot buy this wine; it is home crafted apple wine friends of our made and it is outstanding! Sorry to tease you but this is SO good it deserved a place on the WCB so we are raising a glass or three! Thanks Jane and Roger, Mike and Bee. Well done--no really, WELL DONE!


Matthew Cummins said...

Got a good laugh from this! I was thinking "hmmm, will have to hunt this down", then read the punch line at the end! But seriously, well done to your friends!

Empty Nesters said...

Thank you very much for your kind review.
This fall season we are expanding once again. We have several variations of Maine apple, pear and pumpkin. We hope that someday we will be able to share our seasonal wines the the general public, but for now we will just share them with family and friends.