Friday, April 26, 2013

Holman Ranch Pinot Noir Rose 2011 (Carmel Valley) sponsored wine review by (PB)

Watermelon juice hued rose with a big bouquet of sweet candy like cherry and strawberry and cream with a tinge of apple; very nice!

Palate--highly structured foundation with great acidity, strawberry juice galore with cherry notes.

Roses used to be the red-headed step child of the wine world but no more. More and more roses are being made as credible wines and this is one potent rose.

This will stand up to some substantial dishes not normally associated with a rose pairing.

But such a creation will cost you at $22 but ya know, why not start out with a nice rose as a benchmark and work from there. Chill this down for an awesome summer quencher and raise a glass.

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