Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cellar Molandro Besllum Montsant 2008 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Big aromas of spicy cherry and herbs on the nose

Full bodied on the palate

Pomegranate, lots of spice, and some resinous notes on the long finish


Rich and spicy with a long finish, this Spanish red offers a lot of character at a bargain price. At $15 or so, this wine is a great value and a demonstration of well integrated oak and spice unlike the wine reviewed below.

I planned to buy more, but am having trouble finding it. Obviously I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this wine. From the Montsant region of Spain, it's made from Grenache, Carignane, and Syrah. If your wine merchant still has some, grab it. Pair with an assortment of tapas- and raise a glass!


Wolfgang Groth said...

I don't agree at all. This wine is advertised with a Parker rating of 93!
I would give it a 88 based on his long nose that indeed is elegant and interesting. The taste is much to dry with a overwhelming acid content.
I only ? paid 11.99 at my Orlando Costco. A wholesaler was there pushing this confirming he is overstocked! they sytill have plenty of wine. I would not by another bottle!!!!!

Duezala said...

I bought this wine for $18.99 Canadian and would gladly repeat. This wine is spectacular. It is earthy, spicy with blueberry and pomegranate and raspberry -- to my taste. The tannins are perfectly rounded. This wine is exquisite. I will definitely buy more.

Anonymous said...

This wine surprised me. After taste the first bottle I bought 6 more. It is really good, wait 15 minutes opened before drink.

wineappreciator said...

I will give 89 to this wine, poor in the nose, regular taste. Disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Folks - I have had 2 bottles of this wine and I think even an 89 is generous (though I think many reviewers inflate scores). I use the Wine Spectator scale which says wines that score 75-80 are fine but slightly flawed; an 80-84 means a good wine with no flaws; 85-89 means a very good wine; 90-94 means outstanding; 95-100 is classic.
Based on this scale I would put this wine around an 84. It is good, not great. Is it worth $12 - sure but I can point you to a lot better wines at that price...

J. Spyker said...

Very good wine in my opinion, too! Spicy cherry, oak and a little smokey on the nose.
The taste has a good balance between the acids and tannins in combination with the spicy fruity (raspberry, pommegranate and blueberry) some tobacco and longlasting taste.

Anonymous said...

Bought a case and was truly disappointed. Taste is immature and a bit too acid. Not sure where the 93 Parket Points are coming from. Agree more with the mid 80s Rating.