Monday, July 04, 2011

Numanthia Termes "Toro Termes" 2006 reivew by (PB)

Deep dark black cherry hue with a bouquet of coarse dark berry aromas with blueberries, a little bottle stink, yellow mustard--Hey I just review them as they come!

Palate--a bit harsh, tight; first impression is there's not much there but I know better. This IS Numanthia...with air it mellows out with black pepper hints, blueberries, some rugged spice, and more dark fruit with a smokey finish.

The folks at Numanthia are some of the world's experts in Tempranillo colloquially known as Tinta De Toro. I have been under treatment for some allergy things so my palate may be off a bit; the good folks at the Wine Spectator gave this wine a 93!

I have been cellaring this bottle for 3 years having paid $24 for it. It is solid but honestly I am not impressed; still like I said my palate may be off! I am pairing this with grilled burgers on a real charcoal grill for the 4th of July. It will be great! How I thank God for our brave predecessors who gave their lives for my freedom and lifestyle. Raise a glass to all who fight for right!

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