Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trinitas Old Vine Zinfandel (El Dorado) 2007 review by (PB)

Medium garnet hue with aromas of wild dark berries, tomatoes and alcohol.

Palate--Soft structure with sweet backbone that is a bit overdone for a Zin. That being said, big berry fruit and some light cocoa flavors are pretty pleasant. This wine is straight forward Zin, drinking peak right now but is a far cry from a $20 Zin that this cost. Finishes with ripe fruit and subtle baked berry fruit.

I popped into a wine store outside of Ojai, Ca. to kill a few minutes while the fam was doing something else in a store. I snagged this since it was not anything I was familiar with. As it sits in the glass it starts failing. I would pass on this Zin!


Brenda said...

very nice review of this wine. i have a preference for zinfandels so this one has me wanting to try it

thank you very much for a great post.

warm regards


ShantaP said...

We love Zins, they're our favorite type of wine. You've got a great gift in describing the aroma and taste of a wine. I'll take your advise and stay away from this Zin, thanks for the heads up!