Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Louis Roederer 2003 Blanc de Blancs Champagne Review by Billy

Nose: sharp citrus, dry mild yeast and soft vanilla spiked caramel on the nose with minerally (lavender ?) hints
Palate: Extremely fine bubbles that float as jewels then saunter then gather at the top of the flute, trumpet or champagne glass. Dry with lemon peel mid palate.
Finish: Long finish with floral citrus and lavender.
Overall: This is an absolutely delightful Champagne. It has a wonderful structure that is dry but a finish that does not leave you puckered. The nose is complex and layered with dominant citrus on a foundation of complex yeast and lavender minerals. The bubbles are absolutely gorgeous. The champagne is widely available. We paid about $50 for this vintage Champagne at Costco.

Raise a glass!

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the vinophile said...

This sounds like a great bottle to pop open for a special day (like today)