Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Day and wine by (PB)

It's just around the corner and it's far too grand a celebration to let the importance of wine be relegated to uncle Joe toting in a jug of "Mogen David" or "Manischewitz" which was my pathetic wine experience growing up in house of teetotalers.

With all the incredible tastes, spices and presentations, picking the right wine can be a challenge. But here is the first broad generalization for making such a critical decision. Eject the idea of white wine with poultry!

The pairings are more about seasonings and side dishes than poultry!

That being said, think--bold spices need bold wines! Been thinking about a good Cabernet Sauvignon you have been wanting to try but can't think of the right time? This is it! How about that special Rosenblum single vineyard Zinfandel? Oh yeah! Pop that cork and marvel at how well a big wine accents all those wonderful comestible indulgences.

Don't spoil one of the best eating days of the year with something you thoughtlessly grab off the shelf in a last minute panic putting your ceiling at $10. This is THANKSGIVING day! Celebrate it and make wine the center piece!

We will be more specific in the days ahead so check back and in the mean time--raise a glass!

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Anonymous said...

I really like the advice to make wine a part of the celebration rather than a last minute throw - in.

Don't forget that wine can be served while relatives are milling around and snacking before the main event.

It can also be served after dinner or even with the Pie! Does Champagne go with pumpkin pie? YES!