Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sean Minor 4B Central Coast Chardonnay 2007 wine review by (PB)

Note--This wine was sent to the WCB for review. The 4B on the label is for the "4 bears" which are the 4 children of the Minors. They cherish approachable wines and family--how can you go wrong?

Review: Very gentle golden hue with aromas of Meyer lemons, tart green apples, pears and a lovely sweet, vanilla, tropical fruit compote.

Palate--nice first impression with lovely structure that is velvety in the mouth with a really nice full, blast of off dry tropical fruit flavors that are almost explosive. This wine coats your mouth with a fullness that is simply well crafted and a finish that hangs on.

This is my first experience with Minor wines and this one is a major winner. At the $13 price point, this is a lot of wine so raise a glass to good wine, and great families!

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