Friday, August 14, 2009

Falling Star Merlot/Malbec 2008 wine review by (PB)

This is a "Whole Foods" wine from Cuyo Argentina produced by the solid wine makers at Trapiche. The bouquet of this wine is the best part with fruity, spicy almost perfumy aromas. It is all in the dumper from there.

Palate--awkward, edgy, bitter, flawed and PLONK. I suggested my wife make Sangria out of it. This is a $6 wine which is no excuse. This falling star fell out of favor from the get go. Avoid it, unless you're making Sangria.


At 1:04 PM permalink, Blogger chucklesmcgee said...

I just tried this. It was drinkable...assuming you let it breathe long enough to let the vinegar evaporate.

At 1:23 AM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ppppfffffffffffff, just feel bad for anyone in front of me. not even a hobo would drink this crap

At 11:13 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

smells of subtle hints of sharpie marker with notes of vinegar

At 4:41 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ran across this and tried it on a whim.
It's 5 years old now, the acidity has moderated to a nice structure with a richness characteristic of a middle aged Cabernet and a hint of the Merlot fruit.
This is a great lesson to pompus blowhards who try to evealuate a wine like a Malbec nly a year in the bottle.

At 5:17 PM permalink, Blogger PB said...

It is amazing how passionately we express our opinions on something as relatively insignificant as wine. I am thrilled that the annonymous commentor above enjoyed this wine; after all, the bottom line with such a pleasure is personal preference. If someone happens to enjoy a glass of such a wine that is all that really matters. What I offered was an objective assessment of the wine's quality against similarly priced wines. So raise a glass my passionate friend of whatever happens to titlate your palate! :)

At 6:47 PM permalink, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It works well as a marinaded for a leg of lamb, almost fell off the bone. Not a bad tile and grout dye cleaner!


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