Friday, November 30, 2012

Garnet Monterey County Pinot Noir 2010 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes:

Fragrant strawberry and rose petal on the nose

Medium bodied on the palate

Raspberry jam, with some fresh earth notes and vanilla on the finish


Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but I found myself pleasantly surprised that this wine is quite nice. It's fragrant and shows some other interesting characteristics that keep it real and not overly manufactured.

The price is around $15, and it should pair well with lighter dishes and poultry. I recommend you grab this as a nice value-priced Pinot Noir if you happen to see it. Raise a glass!


darius said...

relativly ok...taste it ... bu we must admit that the finest are from portugal... celebre wine de porto... is quite something

Unknown said...

I like the Garnet Monterey, but if you want a truly exceptional Pinot, try their Carneros one. It's only $5 more but oh so good!

Anonymous said...

Love it
Where can I get some in Chicago