Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chateau Lyonnat 2005 wine review by (PB)

This Grand Vin De Bordeaux from the hallowed vintage of 05 presents with an opaquish garnet hue with nice blackberry aromas with a tart raspberry note accompanied by herbal fruit notes.

Palate--Cinnamon on first pass with minerals galore and a nice bready,berry fruit foundation with fully integrated flavors and tannins. After breathing there is a nice evergreen/pine flavor and a relaxed finish.

This Bordeaux from the Lussac Saint Emilion is absolutely stellar! I paid $19 for it maybe year ago and it is supremely at peak and drinking wonderfully.

We had a NY Strip steak on the grill with but it could have hamburger or anything else. When you love the wine, you can make it work. If you happen to find this "out there" grab it and raise a glass.

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Anonymous said...

thinking about opening a bottle of the 05 Chateau Lyonnat tonight! Thanks for the post as it seems like it should be in prime condition.