Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monsieur Touton Sauvignon Blanc 2006 wine review by (PB)

My wife was in Chicago recently and decided to grab this white Bordeaux to bring back. (I have been studying/tasting wine for over 30 years and my total "white Bordeaux" experience can be counted on two hands.) This was an inexpensive one at the $10 price point.

It is straw in color with a sweet powdery aroma that is unique in my experience for Sauvignon Blanc. You could not mistake this for a new world S. Blanc that is for sure. It has generic citrus aromas with grapefruit predominate with a touch of sweet spice at first sniff.

In the mouth this wine is minerals, minerals and more minerals with hints of spice, and wet stones. It is wildly acidic but not overdone with more elusive flavors and more citrus in the form of a bouquet of sweet, mixed fruit.

I paired this with grilled Brook trout and Rainbow trout I caught yesterday on my home made flies. It was decent enough but would have probably been better with a light, fruity red like a nice Beaujolais Cru. At any rate, raise a glass!

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