Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kruger Rumpf Munsterer Riesling "Spatlese" 1997 wine review by (PB)

(NW) served this up blind to me which even though you sometimes (oftentimes?) end up looking pretty foolish, is a great way to hone your tasting skills. It forces you to really segregate the various aspects of wine tasting focusing on individual characteristics of the wine. It was pale straw and when saw the age of the wine I was pretty surprised as there was not even a hint of age in the color.

When I smelled it I confidently proclaimed it was obviously Austrian perhaps a Gruner or another classically Austrian grape. But when I tasted it I figured Riesling!

It presented with a very sweet bouquet of what I would describe as fuel oil over fruit. No one smelling the wine could figure out my description but I stick by my assessment readily acknowledging that I have been under tons of stress which carries certain physiological changes in one's ability to smell and taste so my smeller was probably not reliable. At any rate, the palate was classically Riesling and I stated so.

Very sweet palate with a foundation that was slightly less acidic than I would prefer but obviously enough to hold this wine for 12 years and probably a few more. (On contemplation, the illusion of lower acid is probably due to the maturity of the wine.)

This wine, from the Nahe region of Germany is prefumey with a powdery vanilla bouquet, lightly spritzig (sparkly) and an intersting quaff at the $30 price point. So raise a glass.


Ribera del Bidasoa Superiore said...

great wines at Kruger Rumpf, see my comments on

Ribera del Bidasoa Superiore said...

great wines at Kruger Rumpf

see my comments on