Monday, March 02, 2009

Mommy's Time Out Rosso Primitivo 2007 wine review by Billy

Nose: jammy plum and raspberry with cedar tones
Palate: biting and acidic. unbalanced. unrefined. unpleasant
Finish: can't be over too quickly.
Overall: for $8 I couldn't pass up this bottle if only for the label. It is classic. The name "mommy's time out" and the picture of a chair and wine glass facing the corner is amusing and snarky. Unfortunately, the label is the best part about this wine.

It's funny but pass it by.

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At 12:10 AM permalink, Anonymous Rosso Primitivo said...

What year did you try? I tried the 2009 and found it to be pretty good. But I see between a few years, there's at least a $3.00 difference with the 2009 being the most 'expensive'

Mind you I've not been drinking wine very long, but I found every sip to be pretty interesting.

It got better with every glass too, lol

Maybe as my palate develops I'll come back to this wine.

At 12:16 AM permalink, Anonymous Rosso Primitivo said...

Doh, foolish me, I see it was the 2007 :D

At 5:12 AM permalink, Blogger NHwineman said...

My first visit to your blog, and I'm quite pleased to see that you intend to give good advise to you readers.
I struggled with the 2009 Mommy's Time Out. I also found it to be a bit distasteful, but at $5.49, I wasn't disappointed. One web-site described this wine as loaded with spice. What planet do they hail from?
Anyway, with quite a lot of air, the wine mellowed and became a so-so red table wine.
"I'll Be Back!"
Dennis Tsiorbas


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