Monday, March 02, 2009

Mommy's Time Out Rosso Primitivo 2007 wine review by Billy

Nose: jammy plum and raspberry with cedar tones
Palate: biting and acidic. unbalanced. unrefined. unpleasant
Finish: can't be over too quickly.
Overall: for $8 I couldn't pass up this bottle if only for the label. It is classic. The name "mommy's time out" and the picture of a chair and wine glass facing the corner is amusing and snarky. Unfortunately, the label is the best part about this wine.

It's funny but pass it by.


Rosso Primitivo said...

What year did you try? I tried the 2009 and found it to be pretty good. But I see between a few years, there's at least a $3.00 difference with the 2009 being the most 'expensive'

Mind you I've not been drinking wine very long, but I found every sip to be pretty interesting.

It got better with every glass too, lol

Maybe as my palate develops I'll come back to this wine.

Rosso Primitivo said...

Doh, foolish me, I see it was the 2007 :D

NHwineman said...

My first visit to your blog, and I'm quite pleased to see that you intend to give good advise to you readers.
I struggled with the 2009 Mommy's Time Out. I also found it to be a bit distasteful, but at $5.49, I wasn't disappointed. One web-site described this wine as loaded with spice. What planet do they hail from?
Anyway, with quite a lot of air, the wine mellowed and became a so-so red table wine.
"I'll Be Back!"
Dennis Tsiorbas