Monday, March 23, 2009

Meulenhof--Erdener Treppchen--Riesling Kabinett wine review by (PB)

This wine has a wonderful sweet nose of floral sweet spice with slight grapefruit/lemon notes and honey nuances. The bouquet is just fabulous and is one of those wines that is as enjoyable to just sit on the aromas as it is to drink.

Palate--Relaxed acid typical of German Rieslings; rich, nearly candy like presence with a rich backbone and wondrously integrated and complex. Just delicious so raise a glass and be sure to scroll down to read (NW's) review of the same wine as well as some great tips about bargain hunting the German wines!

(Also I recommend doing a "search" of this blog for the piece I wrote a while back on deciphering a German wine label. It tells you a great deal about the wine!)


Anonymous said...

Would it have been so difficult to provide your readers with a link?

PB said...

True confessions--I know wine, not computers. Sorry!